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Peter Rosen Aracne editrice

Dr. Rosen has practiced ophthalmology for 37 years and his vision research includes an emphasis on measuring visual performance and health-related quality of life outcomes in older people. He has conducted research on visual performance measurement and driving simulation in older drivers supported by grants from the Sharp Healthcare foundation. He has significant experience in driving simulation scenario development and testing older drivers on the driving simulator. His current research involves incorporating measures of visual perception, memory, attention and search into ecologically valid and context–relevant driving simulations to evaluate driver fitness and for training in patients after acquired brain injury. He is currently the Director of the Visual Performance and Driving Simulation Laboratories at the Sharp Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center and an ophthalmologist with the Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical group. Dr Rosen received the Outstanding Rehabilitation Physician of the Year Award for 2008 from the Sharp Memorial Rehabilitation Center.
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