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Simferopol’, 25/09/1948

Valerii Temnenko Aracne editrice

He studied at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, the Crimean Pedagogical Institute and at Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (postgraduate study).He took the PhD in Fluid dynamics at the Moscow State University in 1981.
Dr. Temnenko scientific interests are: Theoretical physics, Fluid dynamics, Mechanics of parachute systems, Nonlinear Mechanics, Strange Attractors and Chaos; Mathematical Modeling of Social, Economical and Political Processes.
He is author of the books: Dynamics of Parachute Systems (with Yu. A. Shevlyakov, V. N. Tishchenko) [in Russian], Kiev—Odessa (1985), 158 pages and Cloud computing and education (with Z.S. Seidametova and other) [in Russian], Simferopol (2012), 204 pages.
Dr. Temnenko is also author of more than 200 articles in various fields of applied mathematics, mathematical modeling in sociology and in political science.
He is actually retired.
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