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Christian GALINSKI

Christian Galinski Aracne editrice

Dr. Christian Galinski is an expert in multilingual aspects of modern society, focusing on specialized communication, information and documentation, librarianship and archives, information and knowledge management, methodology standardization, as well as related legal implications. One of the initiators of the discussion concerning the multilingual nature of our information society, he has been instrumental in founding many institutions and organizations in the field of terminology and language resources. After pursuing Japanese and Chinese studies as well as communication studies at the University of Bonn he spent two years in Japan for further studies and research on the history of Japanese education. He has been a registered court translator for Japanese since 1976. He founded a private language and consultancy service (1977-1979). In 1979 he joined the International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm) in a professional capacity and in 1986 succeeded Prof. Felber as Director of Infoterm and also as Secretary of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 37 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). He has conceived, planned and managed a large number of projects for UNESCO and institutions of the European Union institutions, as well as for enterprises and other organizations. He has served as a consultant to many projects at international or national level (China, Russia etc.).
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