Collana di Ricerca Operativa
diretta da Gianni Di Pillo
Operations Research: the Science of Better

Operations Research (O.R.) deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. Employing techniques from other mathematical sciences, such as mathematical modeling, statisticalanalysis, and mathematical optimization, O.R. arrives at optimal or near–optimal solutions to complex decision–making problems.
Operations Research overlaps with other disciplines, notably Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. It is often concerned with determining a maximum (such as profit, performance, or yield) or minimum (such as loss, risk, or cost). Operations Research encompasses a wide range of problem–solving techniques and methods applied in the pursuit of improved decision–making and efficiency, such as simulation, mathematical optimization, queuing theory, Markov decision processes, data analysis, neural networks, and decision analysis.
This book series aims to publish monographs and textbooks for researchers, professionals and students who can benefit from the theory and practice of Operations Research.
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