Mathematical and Computational Biology and Numerical Analysis
Biomathematics and Numerical Analysis Book Series
Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.

George E.P. Box Pierce

The purpose of this book series is twofold.
On one hand, to bring together works discussing various aspects of mathematical models with life science applications, encompassing all fields within this realm: population theory, cell dynamics, epidemiology, ecology, metapopulations, regional dynamics and geographical invasions, individual and collective animal movement, eco--epidemiology, spread of epidemics, pattern formation, evolutionary dynamics. Also other topics not included in the above list could be considered. We would like to emphasize interdisciplinary approaches, comparing modeling techniques generally applied in ecology and those used in other life sciences.
On the other hand, we welcome contributions in all fields of numerical techniques, such as, for instance, numerical methods in approximation theory, differential equations, linear algebra, computer aided geometric design, optimization.
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