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Sviluppo professionale dei docenti della scuola primaria che insegnano l’inglese. Quali prospettive dopo il B1?
Professional development of Italian primary school teachers teaching English. What prospects are there after B1 certification?
The article presents the Keep Up Your English course, currently still running, aimed at satisfying the search for further linguistic and methodological training expressed by a group of primary school teachers already in possession of B1 level certification (CEFR) and therefore with the necessary qualification to teach English in their classes. It presents a brief overview of the historical–normative development of the teaching of foreign languages in Italy. It then illustrates the state of the art in the field of primary school teacher training aimed at developing English teaching skills. After presenting the group of teachers briefly and the training path followed by them to achieve B1 certification, we analyze the data collected relating to the further training needs they expressed and present the overall picture of the Keep Up Your English course and some activities aimed at strengthening/developing linguistic and methodological competences. The discussion of the data focuses on motivation and concerns, perceptions and awareness, as well as learning strategies useful at any age. The survey conducted, which will be completed once the course is over, highlights a known critical issue in the process of teacher institutional training, i.e. that of lack of continuity, and, at the same time, offers some suggestions for overcoming this. Beyond the specific context, the survey brings out the behaviors and beliefs of lifelong learning disposition, including the ability to combine formal and non–formal learning, which should be oriented and nurtured in teachers of every discipline and every order and degree of school.

Keywords: primary school teacher training, English language, language teaching, lifelong learning.
pagine: 219-248
DOI: 10.4399/978882552026211
data pubblicazione: Marzo 2019
editore: Aracne