Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics
Volume 13, Number 36
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Area 02 – Scienze fisiche
This issue 36 of EJTP has articles of great interest to researchers from several fields in theoretical physics; articles comes from areas such as cosmology, high energy theory, non-linear waves, dark matter, and black hole physics. All the papers will present a representation of papers from each category. As a general relativist and a black hole physicist, personally I enjoyed reading the two articles on black holes: information retrieval from young black holes were discussed by A.Y. Yosifor and L.G. Filipov. In another article, R. Sini and C.P. Rabida did a thorough calculation of gravitational lensing of charged black holes.
pagine: 252
formato: 21 x 29,7
ISBN: 978-88-548-9952-0
data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2017
marchio editoriale: Aracne
editore: Gioacchino Onorati editore S.r.l. unip.
rivista: Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (EJTP) | Volume 13, Number 36
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