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Berlgrado, 05/12/1985

Institute of Comparative Law
Miroslav Đorđević Aracne editrice

Miroslav Đorđević, LL.M. was born in Belgrade in 1985. He got his bachelor’s and master’s degree at the Law Faculty, University of Belgrade. Since 2012 Đorđević has been employed at the Institute for Comparative Law in Belgrade, where he is currently working as a research associate. Since the beginning of 2019 he is also acting as a local representative of the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) in Serbia. So far, Đorđević has published 25 scientific papers, edited an international collection of papers and participated in more than 30 international and national scientific conferences. During his PhD studies, he had been researching and studying on several occasions in Germany. His main fields of scientific interest are constitutional law, political system and legal history (of both public and private law). Đorđević speaks Serbian, English and German, and has basic command of Russian.
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