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Loznica, 26/10/1983

Institute of Comparative Law
Miloš Stanić Aracne editrice

Miloš Stanić graduated in BA Law from the University of Belgrade. He holds a Master in Law and a PhD in Constitutional Law from the same university, graduating with the dissertation The legal nature of the parliamentary mandate. From 2013 to 2014 he worked at the Serbian Ministry of Justice as an independent adviser. Since 2018 he is Research fellow at the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade. Among his latest publications: Deciding on the modification of the federal constitution in the examples of some modern federal states (2014); The composition and election of judicial council members in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia (2014), and The distribution of the mandate in the post–communist countries of Europe on examples from Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia and Macedonia (2013). He was also co-editor of the journal Funding of scientific research – comparative law and practice (currently in press). He also took part to international conferences and seminars, including "The Right to Remembrance" (New York - New Jersey, USA, 2017), "The Serbian Constitution, ten years later" (Belgrade, Serbia, 2017), and the Legal Aspects of Digitization of cultural heritage" (Belgrade, Serbia, 2017).
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