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Orahovac, 10/02/1951
University of Kragujevac
Department of Statistics and Informatics
Zora Arsovski Aracne editrice

Zora Arsovski, PhD, Full professor, University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Economics, Head of Department of Statistics and Informatics, Serbia. Her current research interest includes business information systems, management information systems, supply chain management, business process management, decision support systems, business intelligence, e-business, software engineering, and CIM systems. Author and co-author of ten university books and scientific monographs, several chapters in scientific monographs, and more 290 articles published in international and national scientific journals and conferences. She is a member of the editorial board in international journals referred to on Thompson SCI/SSCI and on the List of the Ministry of Science from the Republic of Serbia and the member of the scientific board for international scientific conferences. In addition, she has taught as a guest lecturer at Cracow University of Economics, Poland. She has participated in seven international projects, ten national scientific projects, and realized more 40 projects of information systems on different ICT platforms.
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