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A populist contagion? The “far–right shift” among European conservatives
After 2017 presidential elections, whereas French right-wing populism questioned its Euroscepticism, the conservative party Les Républicains adopted an identitarian stance with leader Laurent Wauquiez, in perpetuating previous Nicolas Sarkozy’s shift towards radical positions. In the light of a rhetorical pattern (the “Silent majority”), a merge of economic liberalism and moral authoritarianism culminated to a “Heartland-building” process in opposition to global society and multiculturalism, by means of a tightened control of material or immaterial borders. The French case will be observed in comparison with other European experiences of mainstream right-wing actors: Pablo Casado’s Partido Popular in Spain and the Austrian People’s Party led by Sebastian Kurz, who took over several issues from populist agenda in order to set a governmentdeal with FPÖ (2017-2019). Statements, electoral programs and public policies will be taken into account within the analysis.
pagine: 215-238
DOI: 10.4399/978882553317011
data pubblicazione: Novembre 2019
editore: Aracne