New Approach of Organic Vegetable Systems

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Area 07 – Scienze agrarie e veterinarie
Among the fields of activity strongly marked by the current period, agriculture and education suffered the most profound impacts, both in terms of organization and structure, being marked especially by concept and new mentalities. This paper falls precisely in this context and it comes to complete a lack among the disciplines regarding organic farming protection. The vegetable ecosystem was one marked by progress in terms of the technology employed, but it never took into account the protection of the environment. New approach of organic vegetable systems management is a paper that is primarily addressed to students specializing in Environmental Engineering and Organic Farming, but also to farmers interested in obtaining organic products. The paper provides the reader with important technical data, judiciously documented, which are useful and recent, both from our country and from abroad. Thus, the book offers to the reader the tools necessary to apply the most effective measures and means to control weeds, pests and pathogens, under the pedo–climatic conditions found in Romania.
pagine: 220
formato: 17 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-7847-1
data pubblicazione: Dicembre 2014
marchio editoriale: Aracne
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