Neothemi ITC and Communicating Cultures

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Area 14 – Scienze politiche e sociali
Besides, the idea of “Communicating Cultures” highlights, in its double meaning, a strong belief: to help communication by/to/between people of different cultures and, at the same time, to offer an example of different cultures in communication and exchange. In this perspective ICT is both the vehicle of communication and the base of the outcomes.The volume collects contributions from eleven European countries (Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom) around the issues of cultural heritage, virtuality and learning. All papers were presented at the Neothemi (The New Network of Thematic Museums and Institutes) project Final Conference held at the University of Campobasso, Italy, 8/9 October, 2004. Some are the result of parallel sessions, and some of the workshops organized to disseminate and promote an interaction on the areas dealt by the project.Claudia Saccone is both a teacher of English and a teacher trainer. She has gained a wide experience of teaching both in Italy and abroad and currently teaches in the faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Molise. She has organized and conducted a number of workshops in Italy and in Europe as an expert in ICT and multimedia resources and as specialist of European projects management. She has been working in international teams and coordinating networks on culture since 1998: Neothemi (The New Network of Thematic Museums and Institutes) and In-visible Out-skirts are among them. She is currently the co-ordinator of On-Lang.Net a Leonardo project for the development of an on-line evaluation model of language competences, related to modern foreign languages. Her main challenge has always been to harmonize the interests and objectives of various institutions: schools, universities, teacher training centres, companies, trade unions and museums. She has written articles and essays in English and Italian on education, cultural heritage and language competence improvement
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data pubblicazione: Gennaio 2006
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